About us

Blue Phoenix Media, Inc excels at customer acquisition and interactive lead generation. We retain our clients by consistently delivering high volumes of quality leads and customers on a 100% performance basis. Over the last 9 years our experienced team has developed a competency in driving high volumes of qualified traffic from a variety of distribution channels, converting and qualifying consumer prospects with compelling user experiences, and delivering qualified leads and new customer acquisitions to our clients.

We are mainly a performance-based online advertising network comprised of a variety of effective large to medium vertical sites, portals and email publishers. Blue Phoenix Media also has it's own CPA network called Blue Phoenix Network which is comprised of a team of experienced marketers that have combined their expertise and knowledge to form one of the fastest rising affiliate networks around. Our goal is to provide quality advertisements for our Publishers in order to help them gain their maximum ROI. We strive to work with advertisers that have unique offers that are proven products on the market. We guarantee our performance with one on one service for our clients and partners alike.

Blue Phoenix Media is partnered with many of the largest publishers to deliver significant reach across many areas of interactive media. Our advertising clients are typically established direct-response advertisers with well-recognized brands and broad consumer appeal. Our advanced network of websites, and publishers has grown to over 1,500 hand picked and constantly monitored partners. This online reach, helps draw in over 100 top tier advertising partners, many Fortune™ 1000 and 500 companies

Blue Phoenix Media has the experience, the AOR contracts and the technology to deliver real results for your marketing needs. Contact us today!